Children of the Earth - Making Offerings​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
August 14, 2020
"Praise and gratitude to the sacred waters of the world, to the oceans, the mother of life, the womb of the plant life that freshens our air with oxygen, the brew that is stirred by sunlight and the moon's gravity into the great currents and tides that move across the earth, circulating the means of life, bringing warmth to the frozen Arctic and cool, fresh winds to the tropics. We give thanks for the blessed clouds and the rain that brings the gift of life to the land, that eases the thirst of roots, that grows the trees and sustains life even in the dry desert. We give thanks for the springs that bring life-giving water up from the ground, for the small streams and creeks, for the mighty rivers. We praise the beauty of water, the sparkle of the sunlight on a blue lake, the shimmer of moonlight on the ocean's waves, the white spray of the waterfall. We take delight in the sweet singing of the dancing stream and the roar of the river in the flood.
We ask help to know within ourselves all the powers of water: to wear down and to build up, to ebb and to flow, to nurture and to destroy, to merge and to separate. We know that water has great powers of healing and cleansing, and we also know that water is vulnerable to contamination and pollution. We ask help in our work as healers, in our efforts to ensure that the waters of the world run clean and run free, that all the earth's children have the water they need to sustain abundance of life. Blessed be the water."
— Starhawk in The Earth Path
I am blessed to have lived most of this life in places on our sacred mother earth where fresh water flows in abundance. My soul knows oneness with the water. I currently find myself in the desert in the summer where the fire and air elements reign supreme. Now more than ever I feel the cry of the water. My being longs to be blessed by raindrops, cleansed by fresh glacial rivers, held by cool lakes, and nourished by spring water. Now more than ever I am reminded to pray and give thanks to the water. 
There are many ways to share our gratitude, solidarity, respect, care, and love with the waters. A tradition I love to practice with children is creating nature mandalas filled with prayers for the waters. Next time you and your children go to your favourite place to swim, play, explore and be with the water take the opportunity to give thanks. Collect some flowers, plants, stones, shells, anything that you want to use. Sit with your children and take turns adding pieces to the mandala. With each piece that you add offer a prayer to the waters.