Children of the Earth - Making Offerings​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
May 10, 2020
“I am here now right before you
I am present in this moment
And my life's work is to honour the great beauty all around you” 
- Yaima, Gajumaru
We, as the adults in children’s lives, have the gift and responsibility of putting young beings in touch with experiences for their self development. At Aloha Kids we provide space for children to use the beauty of the four elements and the universal force of love for their growth. One of the sacred practices that we are honoured to share with children is making offerings. These practices are opportunities for experiencing, developing, and expressing gratitude as well as beauty, joy, peace, oneness, compassion, connection, humility, creativity, and love.
There are many different ways to make offerings that we share with children and youth. Just the other morning I was reminded of one particular practice that is such a treat to experience with children. A few days ago when I was at the river near my home where I frequently go to swim, sing, send prayers, and collect spring water I was joined by a mama and her two young children. The boy, about four years old, came carrying a basket filled with flowers. He chose a rock beside the river and was joined there by his mama and younger sister. Together they gave the flowers, one by one, to the river. The mother modelling each time connecting the flower with her chakras and putting her prayers and intentions into the flower then releasing it to the water. As the children marvelled at the beauty of the flowers flowing down stream their mother blessed them, the waters, the earth, the sun, and the winds with flute songs.
Today, Mother’s Day, I felt called to gather flowers and go to the river. Flowers are gifts of the earth that truly depict the beauty of our great mother. As I gave thanks and made my offerings I was overcome by the serenity and profound beauty of the flowers joining the flow of the water, dancing along the surface, carrying their magic and medicine downstream. Blessings to all the mothers, all the beings giving maternal care, and to our sacred mother earth. I hope you create the opportunity to share a flower offering with the sacred young beings in your life.
Please reach out if you would like to learn more about the practices of making offerings with children and youth.