Birthing A Business - Sharing The Song Of My Soul
March 15, 2020
The Song of Your Life:
An African Legend
“There is a remarkable story of the Himba people in Namibia, who live on the banks of the Kunene River. It is said the Himba are one of the few cultures that consider the birth date of their children to be not the day they are born, nor the day they are conceived, but the day the mother decides to have the child. The Himba understand that every child’s soul resonates or “sings” its unique flavor and purpose. So when a Himba woman decides to have a child, she goes off and sits under a tree by herself, and she listens until she can hear the song of the child that wants to be born. Once she has heard this song, she comes back to the man who will be the child’s father and teaches him the song. And then, when they make love to conceive the child, they sing the song as a way to invite the child to come. When the woman becomes pregnant she attunes to the child’s song and sings it out loud to the midwives and the old women of the village so that when the child is born, they too can sing the child’s song in welcome.
As the child grows up, the other villagers are taught the child’s song. If the child falls or gets hurt, someone picks him or her up and sings the soul song to restore well-being. Whenever the child does something wonderful, or travels through transitions such as puberty, the village community honours the child by singing his or her song. There is one other occasion when the child’s song is sung to him or her: if the child commits a crime or does something contrary to Himba social norms, instead of punishing the child, the villagers call him or her to the center of the village and form a circle around the child. They then sing the child’s “soul song” once again.
The Himba’s corrective response to antisocial behaviour is led by love and the remembrance of identity. For when you recognize your own song, you have no desire or need to do anything that would hurt another. Such singing resorts an open heart, self-worth, sound values, and a clear conscious. As children grow up, their songs are the theme of their lives. In marriage, the songs of the two people are sung together. Finally, when the child, as an adult-elder, prepares to die, all the villagers gather to sing his or her song as the soul transitions into the next life.” 
- Chloe Goodchild, The Naked Voice

No matter where or when you are born, what family and life circumstances you are born into, and what your guidance is in connecting with your self, the song of your soul sings strongly within you.
The song of your soul is your pure essence; it is your divine light, it is what remains when you take away all the elements of your physical and mental life and self, it is the frequency of you.
The deeper and deeper I spiral within myself, the more authentically I am able to expand outwards. The journey within, of self knowledge, is infinite; it is a path that is humbling, empowering, and through radical discipline is liberating, it is cyclic in nature. Elements of my being, my experiences of life, and the greater whole return again and again in different manifestations providing the opportunity for further transformation. Every moment holds the potential for the elevation of consciousness. 
Over the past few years my journey of awakening to myself and life, which are one and the same, has been potent. I have been opening doors to myself through yoga, meditation, breath work, sacred plant medicines, somatic healing, women’s circles, kirtan, solitude in nature, presence with family, friends, and children, divine partnership, reading, writing, creating, gardening, praying, singing, and deeply feeling. I continue to find strength in my softness, medicine in my voice, wisdom in my womb, and trust in loving from the inside out. 
This path of self knowledge and love is now a lifestyle. The more I come into right relationship with myself, the more I am able to hear the song of my soul, and the more I feel called to share this song. I have created Aloha Kids as one of the vehicles to share my song. 
My soul work in this life is to support beings in experiencing, embodying, and sharing their soul songs. I love supporting children in their sacred journeys of childhood because I can hear a child’s soul song clearly. Young children are divine manifestations whose light shines purely. Recently I have been guided to expand into supporting adolescents. This feels important as connecting with one’s soul song in this period of life is vital, however sadly seems to be a time in which people frequently become disconnected from their soul song. The growing body of programs offered by Aloha Kids are all in service of attuning to and celebrating, in light and love, the song of one’s soul.