About Aloha Kids
We are all beings of love and humans come into this life living this truth purely. Olivia Morgan, Founder of Aloha Kids, is passionate about creating spaces and experiences for children and youth to connect with and enjoy the pure love that they are. She is an advocate for the honouring of each young being's unique spirit and sacred developmental journey. She is also passionate about facilitating experiences for children and youth to experience oneness, the truth that we are all one. Aloha kids programs promote connection - connection with the self, one another, the four elements, and the universal force of love. Aloha is love, aloha is life, aloha is the joyful sharing of life energy in the present. Children are the embodiment of Aloha. Join us to explore, learn, play, and create in Aloha.
Launched in 2020, Aloha Kids is the product of Olivia’s 15+ years of experience working with children. The philosophy behind Aloha Kids is largely inspired by her training and work as an AMI Montessori teacher. It is also influenced by her work running nature based, self-empowerment, and creative expression summer camps, teaching internationally, working as an education consultant, leading gardening programs, collaborating with Storyoga, teaching swimming lessons, facilitating children’s festivals, and her training as an Orton-Gillingham literacy tutor. 
She gains inspiration from each child and educator she has the gift of connecting with, the sacred practice of yoga, the earth and all her gifts, the wind, the water in all its forms, the sun, the moon, and the stars.
From earth honouring ceremonies in the Apus (mountains) of Peru, to worshipping the sun on top of the Pyramid of the Sun in TeotihuacánMexico, to singing for the wind in medicine song circles on the Hawaiian Islands, to praying through paddling for the sacred waters of BC’s coast with local first nation youth, Olivia’s travels in this life have taught her about the interconnectedness of all, that love is the ultimate force, and that the beauty of this life is truly worthy of celebration. She feels blessed to give her life force energy to supporting young beings in their sacred journeys of childhood and adolescence.